Herb Garden Seed Kits - 6 Packets

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Herb Garden Seed Kits - 6 Packets


Includes 6 Seed Packets with Over 3000 Seeds! 

And 6 Wooden Plant Markers

This Heirloom Herb Garden Starter Kit is perfect for starting an indoor or outdoor culinary herb garden. It includes the following premium seed packets:

  • Organic Heirloom Bouquet Dill Seeds produce beautiful green foliage with large yellow blooms ideal for cooking and fabulous as cut flowers too. Approximately 800 seeds. USA Origin.

  • Organic Heirloom Slow Bolt Cilantro Seeds produce pungent herbs with deep green leaves and stems; and a fresh, strong, spicy flavor essential to Mexican, Caribbean and Asian cuisines. Approximately 210 seeds. USA Origin.

  • Heirloom Broad Leaved Sage Seeds produce resilient and beautiful plants with gray-green leaves. Broad Leaved Sage has a bold, earthy fragrance and a slightly peppery flavor. Approximately 80 seeds.

  • Organic Heirloom Italian Large Leaf Basil Seeds produce fragrant and flavorful plants with extra-large leaves. Italian Large Leaf Basil is a staple in the culinary world. Approximately 500 seeds. 

  • Organic Heirloom Chive Seeds produce delicate, grass-like leaves with a mild oniony flavor and beautiful, edible flowers too. Approximately 250 seeds. 

  • Premium Petite Mixture Marigold Seeds produce vibrant yellow, orange and red flowers that look fabulous while also helping as companion plants for many vegetable and herb varieties. Approximately 200 seeds. USA Origin.


What are Heirloom Seeds?
Heirloom Seeds (sometimes called Heritage Seeds) are open pollinated vegetable and herb seed strains that have been planted, grown and harvested for several generations (usually more than 30 or 50 years depending on the variety) with consistent results. Heirloom seeds are always non-GMO and are never hybrids. All of our vegetable and herb seeds are heirloom seeds.

Are Your Seeds Non-GMO? What Does Non-GMO Mean?
Non-GMO means seeds (or other products) that were produced without genetic engineering and were not derived from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). All of our seeds are non-GMO.

Where do Your Seeds Come From?
Most of the seeds offered on our site are USA Origin seeds sourced from certified US based suppliers. We do also source a small number of seeds from other countries. To view the specific origin check the seed packet.

Are Your Seeds Packed for the Current Growing Season?
All of our seed packets are packed for the current growing season. If stored properly they will provide high germination rates for 1-2 additional years as well.

How Can I Store My Seeds Safely for Use in the Future?
Our seeds will generally retain their high germination rates for several years from the date of purchase. If you're planning on saving your seeds for us in the future, the most important thing to remember that seeds like to be stored where it is cool, dry and dark. The easiest way to ensure this for long term storage at home is to double-seal your seeds inside two zipper style bags and then place them in the freezer. (Make sure you label your seeds for future reference if they're not in original packaging.) When you're ready to plant your seeds, take just the ones you want to use out of the freezer and let them sit on a counter, in a covered container, for a few days to thaw and stabilize before being planted. To preserve germination rates, minimize temperature, light and humidity fluctuations by storing your seeds at the back of the freezer and only taking them out when you're ready to use them.