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Flower Garden Seed Kits - 9 Packets

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  • Flower Garden Seed Kits - 9 Packets
  • Flower Garden Seed Kits - 9 Packets
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Includes 9 Seed Packets with Over 8000 Seeds! 

And 9 Wooden Plant Markers

The Old Farmer's Almanac Premium Flower Garden Seed Starter Kit contains the following varieties:

  • Corn Poppy American Legion Seeds grow into one of summer’s most radiant flowers. Delicate and vivid red poppies evoke feelings of remembrance and joy.

  • Mammoth Gray Stripe Sunflower Seeds will transform into the quintessential flower of summer. Sunflowers are delightfully easy to grow.

  • Marigolds Petite Mixture Seeds become plants with vibrant yellow, orange and red flowers that look fabulous in any garden; but they’re also helpful as a protective companion plant for many vegetable varieties.

  • Shasta Daisy Alaska Seeds are named after snowy mountain peaks. This classic daisy sports abundant bright white petals around golden yellow centers.

  • Zinnia Dahlia Mix Seeds are easy to grow and simple to maintain. This Dahlia Mix will fill your garden with big, bold blooms, in a vibrant rainbow of colors.

  • Morning Glory Heavenly Blue Seeds grow into vines with vigorous trumpet-like flowers that seem to welcome the day.

  • Bachelors Buttons Seeds are versatile and easy to grow, attracting pollinators to vegetable and flower gardens.

  • Beaconsfield Viola Sorbet Series Seeds are cool season violas that produce multitudes of sweet smelling, edible flowers ideal for use in desserts or small arrangements. Beaconsfield Violas, sport rich blue and purple hues with a bright yellow eye. 

  • Wildflower Seeds feature over 23 varieties of pollinator loving flowers in an ever-shifting panoply of wonderful scents and vibrant colors.


Are Your Seeds Non-GMO? What Does Non-GMO Mean?
Non-GMO means seeds (or other products) that were produced without genetic engineering and were not derived from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). All of our seeds are non-GMO.

Are Your Seeds Packed for the Current Growing Season?
All of our seed packets are packed for the current growing season. If stored properly they will provide high germination rates for 1-2 additional years as well.

How Can I Store My Seeds Safely for Use in the Future?
Our seeds will generally retain their high germination rates for several years from the date of purchase. If you're planning on saving your seeds for us in the future, the most important thing to remember that seeds like to be stored where it is cool, dry and dark. The easiest way to ensure this for long term storage at home is to double-seal your seeds inside two zipper style bags and then place them in the freezer. (Make sure you label your seeds for future reference if they're not in original packaging.) When you're ready to plant your seeds, take just the ones you want to use out of the freezer and let them sit on a counter, in a covered container, for a few days to thaw and stabilize before being planted. To preserve germination rates, minimize temperature, light and humidity fluctuations by storing your seeds at the back of the freezer and only taking them out when you're ready to use them.

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